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Information Required to make a booking

  • Lead Passenger Name and Contact Information
  • Destination Name and Address (for example Hotel name and address)
  • Arrival Date and Time
  • Departure Date and Time
  • Flight Number / Train Booking Number / Ship Name and Terminal (whichever applicable)
  • Local Departure Airport/Station
  • Local Arrival Airport/Station
  • Type of wheelchairs (Manual or Electric)

Flight Number / Train Booking Number/  Local Departure Airport or Station / Local Arrival Airport or Station are needed to track any journey delays or cancellations.

You will be issued a booking voucher to present to your driver. We must be notified of any changes to travel times.  This is essential information and failure to do so could result in complications with your transfer or even missing your flight/train/ship. Any last minute delays or cancellations will be tracked by the driver using the information you provide to us.

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  • Taxi transfers are priced according to the resort you are going to

At the top of the pages there are fields to enter your destination, dates of travel, and no. of people travelling ...

It is important to consider luggage requirements when booking a taxi.   The maximum number of cases and the maximum number of wheelchairs is shown for each taxi option. If you have more luggage(for example mobility equipment, children's buggies, golf clubs) than the information shown then please consider ordering an extra taxi or a larger taxi.  Wheelchair Accessible Holiday Taxis will not be held responsible for excess luggage not fitting into a taxi.  Unsure what taxi to order?  Contact Us on 0800 644 6061 and we will be happy to help.